Master Epoch Technology Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that distributes and develops automobile multimedia products.

Wide Networks

With vast networks in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and China, we aim to reach markets internationally. In addition, our manufacturer has strict quality control systems, and ISO9001:2000 certified. With the capitalized research and development, we strive to offer the best automobile multimedia products to the ever-changing market.

Automobile audio equipments

We also specialized in designing and producing metal products to support audio equipments for vehicles. We have helped car accessories companies to design metal products to support their audio products in competitions. With customized expertise and services, we aim to provide seamless products and services to make every car owner proud of their vehicles.

Customized design for Industrial products

In addition, we provide customized design services for industrial products. With our expertise and experiences, we have designed and provided solutions to companies for their products, for examples, automation equipments and machineries.

To builds long-term business relationships

We are committed to provide excellence quality products variety and services and builds long-term business relationships with potential distributors.